Money Smart for Small Business Training

FDIC – Money Smart Work Plan

DHO, Inc. Lessons plans are designed to facilitate the creation a Small Business to build and retain the business. The lessons use a variety of instructional techniques and include student activities, handouts and presentation visuals, here we always say that “To create the way to help is great, however create the way to educate sustainability is totally different” and here at Dream Home Organization, Inc. we do only that, educate to create sustainability and stability.

  1. Budget to Save: What Does it Mean To be Self Employed and Wealthy?
  2. Budget to Save: Developing a Budget to keep and maintain a small Business
  3. Budget to Invest: The Power of Interest, partners and relationships
  4. Save to Invest: Put it in the Bank – (Speaker)
  5. Save to Invest: Owning Part or Whole Company
  6. Save and Invest: Bonds, State Bonds and programs (Speaker)
  7. New Entrepreneur: To build and Retain a Business
  8. Save to Invest in your Business: Raise and Fall of Risk and Return
  9. Take Control of Debt: Use Credit Wisely
  10. Take Control of Debts: Do your (Credit) Homework
  11. Take Control of Debts: Are you Credit Worthy?
  12. Take Control of Debts: Do your (Credit) Homework, check your credit report
  13. Take Control of Debts: Not all loans are the Same
  14. Take Control of Debts: Become a Savvy Borrower
  15. Take control of your business: Get involved with the community, know your neighbors
  16. Take Control of your business: Research and analyze the market
  17. Take Control of your business: Know your competitor do your homework
  18. Take Control of your Business: Expenses and reality
  19. Take Control of your Business: do a Business Plan, the actual DO and Don’ts of a small organization
  20. Take Control of your Business: Create relationships with unemployment agencies, get to know the programs available to staffing, and on the job training program
  21. Small Business Grant: Resources and Information